General changes:

  • #1516 Improved the graphics for most of the Dragonflight Season 1 dungeons, and added new backgrounds.

Mapping changes:

  • #1517 Updated MDT version - Temple of the Jade Serpent now has the missing enemies at the last boss.


  • #1521 "A new mapping version is available for your route" is no longer shown when you're not actively editing the route. A new warning in the header is shown instead to alert you you may be viewing an outdated route.
  • #1522 Routes that have multiple affixes assigned to them no longer show up more than once in the route discovery pages.
  • #1523 Halls of Valor and Court of Stars no longer think they are part of Legion Timewalking in the route discovery pages.
  • #1524 Route thumbnails are now no longer rendered blank.
  • #1525 Cloning a route no longer clones the route with empty pulls.
  • #1526 Creating a new pull using shift + click will now always add the pull in the correct position in the route.

MDT Importer changes:

  • #1512 Import of MDT strings is now functional again.

Map changes:

  • #1508 Attempting to navigate away from the page with unsaved changes will now prompt you to make sure you're okay with this.


  • #1507 Deleting a pull or map icon no longer crashes the map, rendering it useless.


  • #1496 Fixed various crashes after release of v6.1

General changes:

  • #1367 They say better late than never, but it's finally here! Added Dragonflight Season 1 and the mapping for all dungeons, which is now a carbon copy of MDT's mapping and will remain so in the future. Thanks to Nnoggie for proposing the idea and setting us on this path!

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