M+ routes made easy

Plan routes online cooperatively with your team or discover routes that suit your play style and skill level. Keystone.guru is the one place to manage and share your M+ routes.

Discover new routes

Discover new routes

Easily browse for routes per dungeon in various categories to find a route that suits your group perfectly. Integration with archon.gg makes it easy to see which dungeons are the easiest to time for any affix. Still can't find a route that suits your needs? The route search page allows you to dial in on your exact needs to find a perfect match.

Create your own routes

Create your own routes

Import your routes from Mythic Dungeon Tools or create a new route from scratch. Keystone.guru offers various tools to make your route a memorable one, such as free drawing, pathing and placing of icons/comments. Enemy forces can be displayed raw or in percentage on a whim. Various other settings allow you to customize your route creation experience to your liking.

Get organized

Get organized

Organize your routes from your profile or through teams. Keystone.guru offers you a wide array of tools to keep all your routes organized and accessible by all your M+ team members. You can always export routes to Mythic Dungeon Tools format to share them with others.

Custom dungeon mapping

Custom dungeon mapping

Keystone.guru has its own dungeon mapping with no dependencies on any external tool. View which enemies bolster others, drop sanguine ichor or burst your party. The mapping is open source and free. Always.


MDT import/export

Get started with your existing routes easily and generate MDT strings for your existing routes so everyone's up-to-date.

Fluid mapping experience

Powered by Leaflet, AI enhanced dungeon maps with 5 zoom levels with a minimalistic UI to give you the best mapping experience possible.

Mobile friendly

View or edit your routes anywhere you are on your phone or tablet - making toilet breaks that much more interesting.

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