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  • Interactive maps

    Powered by Leaflet, Keystone.guru features interactive maps with 4 zoom levels and visibility controls. All maps have been upscaled to provide high detail when zoomed in.

  • All BFA dungeons supported

    From the depths of The Underrot to the pirate city of Freehold, all current BFA dungeons are supported. In the future, any new dungeons will also be added.

  • All enemies added - teeming included

    Ever wondered what different route you could possibly take while still hitting a 100% enemy forces? All enemies are visible on the map, find the alternative route to make your run a success. Includes all enemies that are added on Teeming weeks!

  • Awakened affix supported

    Awakened enemies are added, allowing your to plan your skips using N'Zoth's shadow realm.

  • Define your setup

    Refine your route and assign races/classes/specializations for each party member and select which affixes the route is for.

  • Plan your route

    Plot your route through the dungeon so there can be no confusion on which route you take, or when to split up the group for maximum performance.

  • Perfect your plan

    Select which enemies to kill and where, add comments for those tricky parts and refine your route to nail the 100% of enemy forces.

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Additional Features

Aside from an interactive dungeon map, multiple features of a website allows Keystone.guru to be a hub for all things related to planning your routes with much more to come.

Responsive Design

Plan your routes on the go on any device. Keystone.guru is designed with mobility in mind.

Route Search

Struggle with a dungeon with specific affixes? Search for an existing route made by others, just like your routes can be found by others*.

Rating and Favorites

Saw a route that had some great features or you enjoyed running with your group? Rate it for others to discover and favorite it for easy finding for later on through your Profile page!

Easy Sharing

Links to routes on Keystone.guru are short and simple. Share your route with your (pug) party members prior to starting and discuss strategy before you wipe.


Join the community on Reddit, Discord or Youtube for getting in-touch with fellow keystone runners and easy collaboration. I will be around to answer any questions you may have.

Open Source

The full source for the entire website can be found on Github. Interested in helping out or have a kick-ass idea for a new feature? Let me know on Github!

*Prefer some privacy? Consider becoming a Patron for unlimited private routes and more.

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