This website could not exist without the help of talented developers around the world, offering their hard work for free for usage in projects such as these. The following packages/images deserve credit for being integrated in this website:


  • Daenarian for helping map the first part of The Motherlode meticulously.
  • Forced for helping map bosses.
  • Various members of Dark Wolves and Sark for helping me with mapping dungeons, from odd requests to "kill that mob" to "hold up for a second you guys are going to fast" :).



Map technology



Alliance & Horde icons

atriace on DeviantArt

Crossed swords icon

The Noun Project

Image upscaling

Steffen Garlach - A Sharper Scaling

In-game icon pack

Radio icons

Enemy type icons

  • Aberration:
  • Beast:
  • Critter:
  • Demon:
  • Dragonkin:
  • Elemental:
  • Giant:
  • Humanoid:
    Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
  • Mechanical:
  • Undead:
  • Void:
  • Tide:

Truesight icon


Star icon


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