This website could not exist without the help of talented developers around the world, offering their hard work for free for usage in projects such as these. The following packages/images deserve credit for being integrated in this website:


  • Daenarian for helping map the first part of The Motherlode meticulously.
  • Sonskyn and Doug for making good use of the site and providing me with valuable feedback across the board to greatly improve the website. From bug reports to feature requests to general feedback and dungeon mapping, I owe you big time!
  • Various members of Dark Wolves and Sark for helping me with mapping dungeons, from odd requests to "kill that mob" to "hold up for a second you guys are going too fast" :).



Map technology



Alliance & Horde icons

atriace on DeviantArt

Crossed swords icon

The Noun Project

Image upscaling

Topaz Gigapixel AI

In-game icon pack

Radio icons

Enemy type icons

Truesight icon

Comment/question mark icon

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