v3.0.2 (2020/05/24) NEW

General changes:

  • #301 Added a 'Publish' and 'Unpublish' options from the route overview page's Actions.


  • #296 Killzone was not synced properly in a pull when using collaborative route editing.
  • #298 New accounts did not have their color for collaborative route editing set (was empty). This has been rectified.

MDT importer changes:

  • #295 MDT importer now imports Awakened Obelisks and where you pulled them.

Team changes:

  • #301 Added a 'Clone to team' and 'Clone to my profile' button.

v3.0.1 (2020/05/22) NEW

Map changes:

  • #292 Fixed cooperative route sharing synchronization of pulls. Fixed left sidebar in map view not being able to be collapsed. Fixed pull top text not showing when viewing a route. Added a 'Loading' message when Pulls are still loading, rather than a 'No pulls created yet' message.

v3.0 (2020/05/21) NEW

General changes:

  • #277 Various error messages when using the Routes page have been resolved.

Map changes:

  • #116 Killzones have been made optional. Killzones are now called 'Pulls', while the killzone is now an optional indicator for where to kill the Pull.
  • #275 You can now define a gradient for how you wish to color your pulls. For example, if you define a gradient from red to green and apply that color to your Pulls, the first pull will be red, while the last pull will be green and everything else in between will be on the gradient between red and green. This will more easily allow you to identify which pulls are done at what time in a non-linear dungeon.
  • #276 Selecting a pull is now done from the map (or the new sidebar), and having a pull selected highlights it with an animated dashed border.
  • #281 Pulls are now independent of floors. You can have a pull that starts on one floor and ends on another. Don't forget to add an optional killzone to indicate where you're killing them!
  • #287 Hiding/showing layers have been moved from the top right to the sidebar on the left. It will now also remember your choice between sessions.

v2.9.1 (2020/05/13) NEW

General changes:

  • #282 You can now delete your account through the Profile page (and everything associated with it).

Route changes:

  • #273 Selecting Teeming for a Route will now properly show you the Teeming affixes.

Map changes:

  • #272 It's now more clear whether your killzone has selected enemies or not.

v2.9 (2020/04/17) NEW

Map changes:

  • #263 Map comment fixed width is removed; the comment now always scales to the width of the text.

MDT importer changes:

  • #266 MDT importer works again; fixed various errors and updated to the latest version of Method Dungeon Tools.

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