v2.7.4 (2020/02/10) NEW

General changes:

  • #239 Awakened affix added.

v2.7.3 (2019/12/05) NEW


  • Fixed being unable to delete routes.
  • Fixed issue where if someone edited ?offset=something it'd crash.
  • Fixed affixes not being saved.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to edit route details.

v2.7.2 (2019/08/26) NEW

General changes:

  • #230 On the /affixes page, the preset for the affix is now displayed. This should aid you in selecting the proper beguiling preset for your route. By default, the beguiling preset is now also set to the current preset which is active for your region (based on profile settings).
  • #232 Required fields are now highlighted in orange (the asterisk).


  • #231 Fixed an issue where cloning a public route would fail unless it was owned by you.

v2.7.1 (2019/08/14) NEW

General changes:

  • #221 Thumbnail generation for routes is now working properly again.
  • #216 Affixes page now has the option to go back and forward in time.
  • Fixed an issue where the website would sometimes show 500 errors.
  • Updated this week's affixes.

v2.7 (2019/08/11) NEW

General changes:

  • #209 Fixed pagination in the main routes table.
  • #211 Removed ads from the login/register pages (ads provider didn't like it).
  • #210 Various columns in the main routes table were flagged for sorting when they shouldn't have been. Furthermore, the sorting of all other columns have been repaired (some were broken, such as views).

Map changes:

  • #205 Enemy visuals now scale according to their health. The lowest and highest health of non-boss enemies is taken and the size of the enemy is calculated based on their health, interpolated between the min/max.
  • #212 Enemy visuals now also scale according to zoom level. If you're zoomed out, enemies are displayed smaller than when you're fully zoomed in.
  • #214 Enemy visuals now display an orange dotted border if an enemy is deemed 'dangerous'. Dangerous enemies are manually marked by me and generally mean that either an enemy is exceptionally strong compared to other enemies, or if they have an ability that may easily wipe your group if ignored.
  • #215 Enemy visuals now display a star when an enemy is an elite, and you're zoomed in enough.
  • #207 Enemy visuals now display an eye icon if an enemy may see through stealth (Truesight).
  • #213 Added new enemy visual display: enemy classes. There's a differentiation between melee, ranged, caster and healer-type enemies. Each enemy has now been marked accordingly. An enemy is ranged when it uses non-magical ranged attacks, caster when using magical ranged attacks and healer when it can cast heals. Note: enemies are only marked ranged/caster if they will stand in place and not move unless line of sighted. If an enemy sometimes casts a spell it is probably still marked as melee.
  • #208 Added new enemy visual display: enemy types. These are icons for humanoids, beasts, dragonkin etc. This will help determine what CC an enemy is susceptible to.
  • #219 Enemy display type selection now persists across sessions.
  • #217 Enemy forces are now displayed whenever you mouse over an enemy. If the enemy is part of a pack, all its pack-members' enemy forces are shown.

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