General changes:

  • #702 Generated thumbnail images are now actually saved where they should be. Doh.


  • Fixed backdrop z-index being too high, preventing people from being able to log in.

Updates have been slow for the last few weeks due to a complete redesign of This process takes a long time as I'm revisiting just about everything the site has to offer and reworking it to some extent. You can view the ongoing progress of the redesign at Thank you for your patience so far!

Mapping changes:

  • Sanguine Depths: Added a missing Venthyr Anima Cage in the beginning of the instance.
  • Various enemies are no longer marked as bolstering/sanguine/bursting.


  • #694 Route thumbnails are once again being generated.

General changes:

  • #654 The affixes page now loads a lot quicker than before.
  • #658 Upgraded the internal systems to the latest and greatest.
  • #659 Added caching for all elements of the site that only change when I update the site (think of lists of classes, races, specializations, factions, npcs, the list goes on). This dramatically speeds up the loading time of the entire website.
  • #657 Reorganized the way the website builds the webpage, again utilizing caching for database queries that were otherwise done every page load.

Map changes:

  • #656 You can now select either enemy forces or percentage for both map enemies and your pulls sidebar separately - thanks Doug for the suggestion!
  • #641 The pulls sidebar now also shows floor changes as your pulls move across the dungeon. You can click them to switch to that floor.


  • #655 The route settings modal will no longer load behind the sidebars.
  • #660 Clone to Team now works again - thanks Oxy for reporting this bug!

General changes:

  • #487 Fixed the affixes for the next 3 weeks.

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