Mapping changes:

  • #473 Internal: dungeons and their floors are now stored in the mapping instead of in seeders and can now be managed using the admin interface.
  • #452 Internal: floors now have a configurable minimum and maximum enemy size. This will help scale down enemies in very busy dungeons, or make it feel less empty in dungeons with less enemies.

Map changes:

  • #469 Admin: coupling enemies to a pack now works properly again.

Map changes:

  • #466 Fixed crash when no npc was assigned to an enemy.

General changes:

  • #459 Automatic release notifier for Discord has been given a make over. Releases are prettier now!
  • #460 Try functionality has been renamed to Sandbox to better convey what the feature is about.

Map changes:

  • #437 Certain enemies are now marked as unskippable. This means that you MUST include these enemies in a pull if you want to be able to publish your route. Think of the first boss room in King's Rest which you have to clear before the boss spawns, or the gauntlet after that you have to clear. Or just all bosses in general. This will improve the quality of routes that are published and prevent unfinished routes from being visible to the world.
  • #345 Route synchronization indicator has been made less obtrusive - the top bar has been removed and the indicator icon is now just right of your draw tools at the bottom.
  • #461 Timer information is now added to all dungeons and is visible from the sidebar. Mouse over for +2 and +3 times.

MDT importer changes:

  • #463 Fixed an issue with entering try (now sandbox) mode when importing an MDT string.

Map changes:

  • #455 Added new neon colored button Map Icons.

Mapping changes:

  • #452 Admin: Dungeon settings location has been moved from seeder to file instead (so changes can be done through UI and they will persist during updates).


  • Fixed floor selection being empty when in map view.

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