General changes:

  • #487 Changed affix rotation to reflect currently active affixes.

General changes:

  • #417 Various minor changes and bugfixes for the Shadowlands release.
  • #487 New affix rotation added (beware: this may be incorrect, will update when correct data becomes available).
  • #222 Reduced technical debt in the code.

Team changes:

  • #480 Fixed various issues related to leaving a team.


  • #483 Fixed various dungeons not loading properly (Motherlode, Waycrest Manor and Junkyard).
  • #479 Killing all enemies that cannot be skipped would sometimes prevent you from publishing your route. This has been remedied.

Mapping changes:

  • #473 Internal: dungeons and their floors are now stored in the mapping instead of in seeders and can now be managed using the admin interface.
  • #452 Internal: floors now have a configurable minimum and maximum enemy size. This will help scale down enemies in very busy dungeons, or make it feel less empty in dungeons with less enemies.

Map changes:

  • #469 Admin: coupling enemies to a pack now works properly again.

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