v2.5.4 (2019/06/28) NEW

General changes:

  • #186 Updated the affixes page to reflect the current and upcoming season.

v2.5.3 (2019/06/18) NEW

General changes:

  • #139 Patrols and enemy packs can now be marked as 'teeming' and belonging to a specific faction (think Siege of Boralus).
  • #169 Added simple custom error pages. I'm looking to refine these further, but they're in style now.
  • #185 Interally reworked the way affixes and affix groups are handled (a group is pretty much an affix set that you encounter every week). This now works with M+ Seasons, allowing for cleaner code and making it very easy to add new affixes/seasons. The only change for you is that the /affixes page will be more accurate going into the future, around the weeks where a new season is announced.
  • As part of the above tickets, I've also fixed an issue that was introduced with the introduction of Teams where filtering Routes on the /routes page or in your profile, teams pages would no longer work. This has been corrected.

Map changes:

  • #188 Finishing deleting an object (or cancelling it) will no longer remove all raid markers from view. A refresh would bring them back, but that's not ideal of course.
  • #190 Demo routes now properly have group player specializations and attributes.
  • #191 Changing drawing color now properly changes the color of drawn Paths.
  • #192 Floor switcher is now initialized on the current floor, plus using it to change floors now always works.

v2.5.2 (2019/06/13) NEW

General changes:

  • #179 Added an admin dashboard.

v2.5.1 (2019/06/12) NEW

General changes:

  • #37 Fixed multiple issues with the new co-operative route editing feature.

v2.5 (2019/06/12) NEW

General changes:

  • #37 You can now co-operatively edit your routes with your Team members! To get started, create a group, invite your party and finally set them to be collaborators in the "members" section. Add some routes to the team, then start editing them with your team members. All changes you and your team members perform will be synchronized to each other, Google-docs style!

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