MDT importer changes:

  • #940 Fixed various issues with the MDT string importer.

I had hoped to push this update a lot sooner, but unfortunately the scope of all changes required was underestimated. To make a long story short, the site worked with having a single season with affixes going on at once. With the introduction of M+ timewalking this was no longer true. I had to rewrite a lot of parts of the site that you won't see to make all this work nicely. But at least it's now sorted and if Blizzard releases BFA timewalking (matter of time really) there will hardly be any work left at all. Thanks for your patience!

General changes:

  • #931 Legion timewalking affixes are now displayed on the affixes page. All Legion routes are now assigned affixes that are only available for Legion dungeons. Creating a Legion route now only allows you to select Legion affixes. Searching for routes now also supports multiple expansions. Many, many optimizations have been performed as part of this as well.
  • #935 Additional background images are now displayed on the route discover pages.


  • #930 Embedding a route now looks better if you view it on mobile.

Mapping changes:

  • #923 Fixed various reported mapping issues and MDT importer/exporter issues, mainly for Legion dungeons.


  • #917 Changelog page no longer crashes if you manually supply an invalid page number in the url.
  • #912 Whatever the site thinks the current and next affixes are is now determined by your region (you can set this in your Profile if you're registered - otherwise US is assumed).
  • #919 Embedded routes are no longer sometimes unresponsive upon page load.

General changes:

  • #902 Embed page has been greatly improved. Many thanks to Jah for the feedback!
  • #825 When logged in, creating a route now directly gives you the option to add the route to an existing team.
  • #745 When logged in, the home page is now replaced with an overview page for your account, making it easier to navigate the site without having to dive in the top right menu to explore certain pages. Work in progress and feedback is appreciated!

Map changes:

  • #904 The icons used for editing your route now show a label by default, with the option of hiding the labels.
  • #906 Adding certain map elements will no longer show malformed confirm buttons that you have to press in the left sidebar. There's now a new hovering bar in the bottom center of your screen that will handle these buttons.


  • #907 Adjusting your pull gradient for a route will no longer spam notifications. Thanks omicron-o!
  • #911 Hovering over pulls now highlights the full width of the row.
  • #915 Attempting to load more routes in various pages no longer keeps loading the same routes over and over.

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