General changes:

  • #1367 They say better late than never, but it's finally here! Added Dragonflight Season 1 and the mapping for all dungeons, which is now a carbon copy of MDT's mapping and will remain so in the future. Thanks to Nnoggie for proposing the idea and setting us on this path!


  • #864 Fixed an issue where killing the same enemy twice would calculate that enemy twice for enemy forces.

The MDT auto-solver did not properly run and coupled enemies to MDT enemies that it shouldn't have done.

Mapping changes:

  • #1448 The way pulls are saved and handled changed drastically - you should notice nothing of this but this was a major overhaul required to align mapping with MythicDungeonTools.
  • #678 Enemies are now able to be linked with their patrols (will be active when switches to use MythicDungeonTools mapping).

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