v2.5.2 (2019/06/13) NEW

General changes:

  • #179 Added an admin dashboard.

v2.5.1 (2019/06/12) NEW

General changes:

  • #37 Fixed multiple issues with the new co-operative route editing feature.

v2.5 (2019/06/12) NEW

General changes:

  • #37 You can now co-operatively edit your routes with your Team members! To get started, create a group, invite your party and finally set them to be collaborators in the "members" section. Add some routes to the team, then start editing them with your team members. All changes you and your team members perform will be synchronized to each other, Google-docs style!

v2.4 (2019/05/16) NEW

General changes:

  • #167 Group selection when creating/editing routes has been fixed.
  • #166 Added support for Kul Tiran and Zandalari Trolls.
  • #77 Added a new feature: Teams! You can now create a group in which you can group up routes, this allows for a much easier way to share specific routes with the people you usually play with.
  • Reworked the Profile view (again!) to match the new Teams feature.
  • #131 Implemented OAuth integration with, Discord and Google. You can now login/register using those providers.
  • #162 Redid the backend on the way Routes are displayed in the various tables found on the site.

Map changes:

  • #135 Map tiles have been reworked and re-upscaled. They look a lot better now; this also fixed the issue where zooming in the map would expose some misalignment in the tiles.

v2.3 (2019/04/10) NEW

General changes:

  • #154 Reduced loading times of various pages and increased performance.
  • #150 Switching floors in 'Try' mode no longer clears all mapping progress. As a result of changes for this, I've added functionality to save the current mapping as a new Route. If you're not logged in, there's an option to log in and continue mapping, if you do not have an account you can now also register from the same page and continue mapping. Furthermore, changes for this ticket will allow me to more easily allow people to create anonymous Routes.
  • #153 Cloning a route now properly clones free drawn shapes.
  • #160 Updated notifications so they no longer show in a bar at the bottom, but neatly in the top right corner instead.

Map changes:

  • I've done some fine-tuning and bug fixing for the general layout of the map, in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • #156 Worked around an issue where sometimes a Route would cause freezing of the entire browser tab. I cannot directly fix this issue as I believe it lays in another library I use, but I've contacted the author of said library and hopefully I'll have a proper fix soon. For now it seems fixed and is very rare regardless, so hopefully it stays gone til the fix is there.

Mapping changes:

  • #158 Patch 8.1.5:
  • Atal'Dazar
    • Added a Teeming Dazar'ai Confessor towards the south side of the dungeon, after the first two packs in a pack with two Dazar'ai Colossi.
    • Removed two Teeming Shieldbearer of Zul in the pack before Vol'kaal.
  • Freehold
    • The start of the dungeon is now correctly marked on the map.
    • Removed a Teeming Irontide Bonesaw, a non-Teeming Irontide Bonesaw and a Teeming Irontide Enforcer from the large patrolling pack right before Skycap'n Kragg.
    • Removed a Teeming Irontide Officer in the large pack before Harlan Sweete.
  • King's Rest
    • Removed a Teeming Spectral Brute before the second to last boss.
  • Siege of Boralus (Alliance)
    • Added a Dockhound Packmaster and Snarling Dockhound in a pack after passing through the first gate, after the market section, before the first boss.
    • In that same pack, added a Teeming Scrimshaw Enforcer.
  • Shrine of the Storm
    • Removed multiple Abyss Dweller in the room before the bridge to the last section.
    • Removed multiple duplicate Abyssal Eel in the last room.
  • Temple of Sethraliss
    • Removed a duplicate Sandswept Marksman in the pack entering Aspix' and Adderis' room, when taking a left initially.
    • Aspix is no longer incorrectly marked as an Eye of Sethraliss.
    • Added Mech Jockeys in the first section next to their respective Mechanized Peacekeepers.
    • Removed 3 Teeming Wanton Sappers in the big pack after the first boss.
    • Removed a lot of the Teeming Crawler Mines in the last section.
  • The Underrot
    • Removed a Underrot Tick in the second pack from the start before the first boss.
    • Removed a Teeming Living Rot in a pack right after the first boss.
  • Tol Dagor
    • Removed a Teeming Sewer Vicejaw in the Sodden Depths.
    • Removed a duplicate Ashvane Marine in the pack right before Knight Captain Valyri.
    • Removed a duplicate Ashvane Warden right after Knight Captain Valyri.
  • Waycrest Manor
    • Removed a pack of Devouring Maggots and Infested Peasants when coming from the south towards Raal the Gluttonous' room.
    • Removed two Teeming Heartsbane Soulcharmers in Lady Waycrest's room.

MDT importer changes:

  • #157 Updated to MDT version 2.5.6, all changes since 2.3.2 will now properly import, such as pull colors.

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