General changes:

  • #2119 Updated S3 affixes (hotfixed).


  • #2116 Fixed too long descriptions for routes messing up the layout of the route discovery pages.
  • #2093 Many tweaks and updates to route thumbnail generation (v2).


  • #2093 Route thumbnail generation now works again.

General changes:

  • #2113 Switched ad provider from NitroPay to Playwire.

MDT Exporter changes:

  • #2112 Exporting a route to MDT on dungeons that have a combined floor (Throne of the Tides, Black Rook Hold, Dawn of the Infinite) now properly exports the route for display in MDT.

Mapping changes:

  • Updated MDT version to include the latest mapping of various dungeons.

MDT Importer changes:

  • #2092 Importing a string from a dungeon with combined floors in MDT now puts drawn lines and map comments on the correct floors. The exporter still has issues on this front - will fix them later.


  • #2087 Deleting a pull now allows you to delete more pulls without being confronted with an infinite loading indicator.
  • #2062 Pulls sidebar now always shows the default floor of a dungeon at the top instead of the first floor (these may be different).

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