Auto route changes:

  • #1851 Improvements to all dungeons wrt auto route generation.
  • #1788 Auto route now detects chainpulling and creates separate pulls instead of creating a big pull until you've finally dropped combat.


  • #1878 [Hotfixed] The Azure Vault now properly generates routes.
  • #1881 Allowed configuration of enemy max range when generating routes on a per-floor basis.

General changes:

  • #1858 Created presenter mode.

General changes:

  • #1832 Embedding a route can now hide/show the pulls sidebar based on the width of the total iframe.
  • #1831 Added a new style for embeds: compact. Also trimmed down the regular embed style to be neater.

Mapping changes:

  • #1839 Dire Maul is now 3 dungeons instead of one.

Route changes:

  • #1830 Enhanced validation for API endpoints.
  • #1834 Added additional fields/debug info to API endpoints.


  • #1833 Embedded routes' maps are now properly centered in the middle of the available space.

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