• #2039 Many new dungeons had their enemy packs assigned incorrectly - this has been corrected.

Mapping changes:

  • #2029 Added Icecrown Citadel mapping.
  • #2000 Added Maraudon mapping.
  • #2004 Added Zul'Farrak mapping.
  • #2007 Added Dire Maul East mapping.
  • #2008 Added Dire Maul North mapping.
  • #2009 Added Dire Maul West mapping.
  • #2012 Added Razorfen Downs mapping.
  • #2013 Added Razorfen Kraul mapping.
  • #2014 Added Scholomance mapping.
  • #2015 Added Stratholme mapping.
  • #2016 Added The Temple of Atal'Hakkar mapping.


  • #1997 Fixed an issue causing a 502 gateway timeout to be thrown when you logged in.

General changes:

  • #1975 Added new feature: Explore allows you to view a dungeon mapping without having to create a (temporary) route.
  • #1976 Added new feature: You can now select the game version most appropriate for what you play: Retail, WotLK or Classic, defaulting to Retail. Dungeons not relevant for your selection will be hidden from view along with a few more tweaks in many places to tailor for your game version.

Map changes:

  • #1993 Hovering over a patrol path now highlights the associated enemies. Enemies associated with a patrol now have a blue dotted border.

Mapping changes:

  • #1986 Added demo routes for Classic dungeons.


  • #1985 Fixed an issue where Classic dungeons' enemies would not persist when saving your pulls.

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