• #896 Fixed OAuth registered users not having a public key - this caused them some issues across the site.

Map changes:

  • #892 You can now select a default color for your paths and free-drawn lines in the map settings menu.


  • #891 Creating an anonymous route no longer requires you to be logged in. The intention of this feature is to allow you to try the site without being logged in, this was accidentally broken in a previous patch.
  • #869 Editing a map icon awith a permanent tooltip will no longer reset that state when you edit said map icon. The tooltip will remain permanently on if you set it to be so.

This is a very big update which I've worked on for quite some time. It doesn't add much new features per-se, but it further improves the foundation of the site on which I can continue to build a better product. The site can now (almost) fully be translated to any language. If you would like to be available in your native language please contact me and we can work it out together.

General changes:

  • #883 Made various changes to accomodate the addition of Legion routes alongside current Shadowlands routes.
  • #107 The site is now fully translatable and available in Russian. Thanks so much to Rodriguez#8726 for your help with providing translations!
  • #882 Added a background service which performs some caching to increase the load speed of all /routes pages.

Mapping changes:

  • #877 Added Neltharion's Lair mapping.
  • #878 Added Vault of the Wardens mapping.
  • #873 Added Black Rook Hold mapping.
  • #874 Added Court of Stars mapping.
  • #875 Added Darkheart Thicket mapping.
  • #876 Added Eye of Azshara mapping.


  • #866 Mouse synchronization now properly works when you have set yourself to be anonymous in your profile (which is the default).
  • #867 Following a user's map movements when using a live session will now sync your viewport to their exact position, instead of the previously known position.
  • #872 Concluding a live session will no longer prompt the route author to rate their own route (if the current user made that route); you cannot rate your own routes.

Mapping changes:

  • Moved the Tormented boss in Necrotic Wake to match the new location in-game.

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