General changes:

  • #1818 Invalid NPC IDs are automatically filtered out now.
  • #1821 Added authentication for API.

Route changes:

  • #1789 You can now couple spells to pulls, allowing you to better plan your cooldowns. For now just Bloodlust-type spells, more to come soon!

Route changes:

  • #617 Revamped editing pulls in the sidebar to allow for more features. Added option to add descriptions on each pull. MDT importer will try to find comments close to your pull and assign them, exporting to MDT will create comments near your pull instead.

Map changes:

  • #1807 Pull connections line (that connects your pulls together) sometimes would choose the wrong floor switcher. This was noted particularly in Halls of Infusion. This has been corrected.


  • #1804 [Hotfixed] Routes that had the exact amount of required enemy forces were considered as _not_ having enough enemy forces at various places.

MDT Importer changes:

  • #1805 MDT importer has been restructured/partially rewritten, enabling much better performance and reduced server load.

Mapping changes:

  • All dungeons mappings have been brought up-to-date.


  • #1781 Having a number as your route title will no longer confuse the map and cause all kinds of issues.

Mapping changes:

  • All profession benefits added to all dungeons.

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