General changes:

  • Your routes are now unpublished by default. You have to publish them in order to have them show up in the search and to have other people see your route.
  • Route search can no longer sort on rating as it was broken. I will fix this at a later stage.

Mapping changes:

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Saurids in the middle part of the dungeon.
  • Fixed a host of issues in Shrine of the Storm.
  • Fixed map comments not showing up for logged in users.

General changes:

  • You can now delete any route you created from your Profile page.
  • Route rating is now rounded to the nearest two decimal spaces.

Map changes:

  • Removed the 'hold ctrl + scroll to zoom' message and functionality. Your mouse wheel is free!


  • Raid markers can now again be assigned to enemies for your route.
  • Guest viewers of your route can now see the killzones and route you made through the dungeon (view was restricted to author of route).
  • You can no longer select multiple kill zones at once.


General changes:

  • Added a brand new home page!
  • Added Patreon support. Unlockable features include:
    • Ad-free website.
    • Allows the creation of unlisted routes.
    • Removes the limit on the amount of routes you can create.
    • More to come at a later date!
  • Added try it mode! You can now try the route creator without leaving a trace and without logging in.

Route changes:

  • Fixed an issue where adding enemies to a killzone would cause the raid markers selection to pop up instead.

Map changes:

  • Added Teeming for all the dungeons that didn't have data for it yet.

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