Release v7.0 (2023/08/24)

Happy Classic Hardcore release! Prepare yourself before diving in your first dungeons.

Map changes:

  • #1954 Added a new map icon for chests.
  • #1963 Rare enemies are now displayed on the map with a gray dotted border.

Mapping changes:

  • #1942 Added Ragefire Chasm mapping.
  • #1943 Added The Stockades mapping.
  • #1944 Added Blackfathom Deeps mapping.
  • #1945 Added Deadmines mapping.
  • #1946 Added Gnomeregan mapping.
  • #1947 Added Scarlet Monastery: Armory mapping.
  • #1948 Added Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral mapping.
  • #1949 Added Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard mapping.
  • #1950 Added Scarlet Monastery: Library mapping.
  • #1951 Added Shadowfang Keep mapping.
  • #1952 Added Wailing Caverns mapping.


  • #1941 SimulationCraft Bloodlust etc. pull list did not update when adding new pulls. This has been corrected.
  • #1971 Inactive dungeons are no longer sometimes shown in various dropdowns.

Auto route changes:

  • #1964 Auto route creator now takes into account the direction you came from when finding new enemies in the mapping based on what you killed. This makes it more likely to pick the correct enemies.

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