Release v7.8 (2023/12/12)

General changes:

  • #2146 Dungeons that have a combined map now always show the combined map in route thumbnails.

Map changes:

  • #2126 Added limits to how many elements you can create in a route (icons, paths, pulls). This isn't to limit you in any way, the limits are pretty high (50 of each for now), but purely to prevent someone from adding 34609 pulls to a route and causing all kinds of problems, ask me how I know.
  • #1968 Generated pulls (shift + clicking on enemies, through Auto Route Creator) no longer sometimes generate "tannish" colors which blend in with the background map too much.


  • #2157 (Hotfixed) Fixed an issue that prevented some enemies from being imported properly from MDT.
  • #2158 (Hotfixed) Embedded routes for dungeons with a combined floor map now load properly if you have combined floors enabled.
  • #2161 It is no longer possible to create routes with an empty title and brick your generated route.

Auto route changes:

  • #2162 Fixed various issues with the Auto Route Creator for Galakrond's Fall.
  • #2135 Fixed various issues with the Auto Route Creator for Waycrest Manor.

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