Release v6.3 (2023/03/06)

General changes:

  • #1580 10-man Ulduar speedrun routes are now possible. Both the mapping and required enemies have been updated. Creating a new Ulduar route allows you select between 10-man and 25-man versions. All current Ulduar routes are considered 25-man.
  • #1600 Viewing routes for a specific season now has dedicated pages for showing popular routes for just that season - it is no longer based on the expansion of said season.
  • #1530 Reduced the downtime of the site while performing an update.


  • #1603 HP calculation of enemies is now correct past keystone level +10.
  • #1611 Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when attempting to save a pull.

MDT Importer changes:

  • #1620 Map Icons imported from MDT can now always be edited properly.

MDT Exporter changes:

  • #1620 Map Icons exported to an MDT string now copy over the name of the icon (for example: Bloodlust, Heroism) if no comment was provided.

SimulationCraft changes:

  • #1585 Added floor coordinates for all currently available dungeons - this means that travel times will now be accurately calculated for SimulationCraft strings.
  • #1604 SimulationCraft string generation is now updated for Dragonflight (Season 1). Also adds support for Thundering affix.
  • #1616 Added support for Dragonflying for Nokhud Offensive to calculate (more) accurate delays between pulls.
  • #1617 Added mountable areas for all Dragonflight S1 dungeons.

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