Release v4.7.8 (2022/08/21)

General changes:

  • #1322 Added a season selector for dungeons to the route table. You can now filter your routes on Shadowlands Season 4 so only those dungeons show up (is now also the default).

Map changes:

  • #849 Improved the performance of the map.


  • #1318 Route card for Operation Mechagon: Workshop, now properly shows the last floor in the overview (floor 2 is skipped).
  • #1320 Adding a new pull between existing pulls, and then deleting another pull no longer causes those new pulls to be assigned an incorrect pull index.
  • #1321 Non-season 4 dungeons are much less likely to show up when viewing routes for Shadowlands dungeons (like De Other Side etc).
  • #1077 Empty pulls no longer confuse the pulls connections feature.

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