Release v4.6.2 (2022/05/07)

General changes:

  • #1154 Your public profile is now more easily accessible when you're logged in under the "My profile" option. This replaces the "My routes" option which redirected to the home page.

Mapping changes:

  • Moved a set of relics in the first room to the correct pack (the room that everyone skips with Night Fae - thanks Omicron)


  • #1106 Mouse cursors with an image in shared route editing are now always displayed as a circle, instead of a square if the user uploaded a square image.
  • #1139 Changing enemy visual type will no longer always revert back to portrait enemy visual type when changing floors.
  • #1140 If you try to clone your route to a specific team (using the Clone to Team dropdown option) the displayed modal no longer has too little space to select your team if you're a member of more than 2 teams. It's been reworked and now displays all teams you're a part of properly.
  • #1142 [Hotfixed] Deleting a dungeonroute now also deletes any existing live sessions for that route. Visiting a live session of a deleted route will now show a 404 not found because of this, instead of causing a crash.
  • #1149 Create route button is no longer disabled after closing the modal and re-opening it (thanks Omicron).
  • #1151 Hovering your mouse over the enemy forces while viewing/editing a route now always shows the correct tooltip (thanks Jaxeek).
  • #1155 Route info while viewing a route now works again when you click it.
  • #1156 [Hotfixed] Migrating a route to encrypted which kills enemies which have since been deleted from the mapping no longer causes a crash.

MDT importer changes:

  • #1124 [Hotfixed] MDT Importer could crash if a non-supported week was found in the import string.

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