Release v4.5.4 (2022/03/13)

Map changes:

  • #1005 Affix selection for a route is no longer an advanced option. Route settings are now placed under a separate model which you can access from the header in the map view.
  • #1009 Your current action when editing a route can now be cancelled by pressing the Escape button.

Mapping changes:

  • Various minor mapping updates to Plaguefall, Sanguine Depths, The Necrotic Wake and Theater of Pain. Uncoupled some enemies from their packs, corrected Encrypted Relics, skippable enemies etc.


  • #1001 Shift-clicking enemies to create a new pull no longer causes the sidebar to bug out, demanding a full refresh of the page to fix.
  • #1003 Using the back button after navigating to a different floor no longer sometimes causes the map to bug out and cause 'undefined' to appear in the URL. This also happened when using the Draw tool - no longer!
  • #1008 Switching floors and attempting to edit your route no longer cause many empty snackbars to appear in the bottom of the screen.
  • #1012 Editing a route's team through the route settings does not work in the map.

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