Release v4.0.7 (2021/05/09)

General changes:

  • #767 Profile pictures are now displayed in the route overview pages.
  • #811 The amount of views per route are no longer calculated on the fly but are cached instead. This should greatly improve performance on the /routes and /affixes pages. Again.

Map changes:

  • #722 Added an option to hide the floor breakdowns in your pulls sidebar. Default is visible.


  • #809 Fixed an issue with paths/drawn lines sometimes not being properly coupled to eachother, rendering them unusable.
  • #749 Enemy visual attributes (in the 4 corners of the enemy on the map) now properly hide/show based on the zoom level they should be visible at, when you switch to a floor that was previously visited before.

MDT importer changes:

  • #511 MDT string importing/exporting has been replaced with another library.
  • #783 With the above, certain unicode characters no longer generate errors upon import/export (such as some cyrillic characters). Your export strings will now no longer be stripped of non-ascii characters should an issue occur. Thanks to Rodriguez for reporting & going back and forth about this.

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