Release v4.0.5 (2021/05/01)

General changes:

  • #792 Increased the performance of the /routes and /affixes pages.

Mapping changes:

  • Mapping changes I made for last release (v4.0.4) did not get propagated properly. They are now added, fixing things like Plaguefall routes not being able to be imported through the MDT importer.


  • #798 Fixed possible crash when attempting to register through OAuth. Will continue to monitor this issue.
  • #799 Creating a new tag from the team overview no longer throws an error (but still creates the tag).
  • #793 Viewing someone else's profile no longer gives you actions to perform for each route. Although you would not be able to actually perform any actions, the options should not be there obviously.

MDT importer changes:

  • #784 Various improvements have been made to the MDT importer interface. There's now a reset button in case you change your mind about importing a route. The reset is now also triggered when the modal window is closed and upon error. You should no longer need to refresh the page to try again. Also - the way incorrect strings are handled has been improved.

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