Release v4.0.4 (2021/04/27)

General changes:

  • #781 Re-importing mapping has been greatly improved, resulting in less downtime during patches and allowing for much better scaling going into the future as more dungeons get added.

Map changes:

  • #776 You can now mouse over enemies in the pulls section to see how much percentage a single enemy of that type would give you.
  • #765 You can now navigate to the next pull by pressing the D button and the previous pull by pressing the A button. This allows you to more easily navigate the map while doing a dungeon and having up on a second screen. Thanks /u/vasheenomed for the suggestion.

Mapping changes:

  • #762 The Necrotic Wake items have been updated to a better looking & higher quality version. More to come later - thanks to Jastola!


  • #757 Creating new pulls in quick succession (using shift + click for example) will no longer result in an error causing pulls to not be displayed properly until you refresh the page. Fixed an issue with reordering pulls and clicking pulls would sometimes be mixed up and one feature would prevent the functioning of the other feature.
  • #774 The affixes page no longer sometimes gets the current affix wrong - it now always looks at your own configured timezone to determine which affix is the current one.
  • #775 Route thumbnails are no longer generated with permanent tooltips in them if the route had any.
  • #777 Resolved an issue with Patreon subscribers still getting ads in the map view. The ad library is now not loaded in the first place as was intended.
  • #778 Anonymous users viewing a route will no longer have their presence circle (in the map header) link to an non-existing profile. Also - the text for their initials now properly fits the contents.
  • #786 Adjusting your route title will now also update it in the map header.

MDT importer changes:

  • #779 MDT internals have been updated to the latest version - some enemies are now linked properly due to their mapping changes.

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