Release v4.7.7 (2022/08/15)

General changes:

  • #1310 Searching for a route outside of the current season's dungeons no longer returns an empty page (hotfixed a few days ago).
  • #1311 Route cards in the Discover Routes section now also show the seasonal affix assigned to that route (aside from Fortified/Tyrannical routes).

Map changes:

  • #1305 Your pulls will now show Shrouded enemies and the amount of buffs that you have accumulated.
  • #1309 By accessing the Route Settings of your route, you can now migrate your route to Shrouded routes (you could already do this from the Actions menu in the route overview, through Shrouded migration is new).


  • #1306 Creating a route that's not in Shadowlands officially, but is part of Season 4 no longer assigns the wrong affixes to the route. For example, Mechagon would be assigned Awakened affixes.
  • #1312 Routes that aren't in the current season now show their affixes selection again from the Route Settings menu.

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