Release v4.7 (2022/07/18)

General changes:

  • #1189 Updated the URLs for all route pages to be more descriptive than just the route key. The short versions will still work - but they will expand to bigger urls containing the dungeon name etc.
  • #1190 Added link previews to the majority of the site.
  • #1218 Added support for all expansions (old and new) and dungeons.
  • #1228 Added graphics for the new dungeons and expansions.
  • #1233 Added support for Shrouded affix.
  • #1234 Main navigation now shows Season 4 and optionally routes for all expansions & dungeons (that I have mappings for).

Mapping changes:

  • #1217 Added Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks mapping.
  • #1219 Added Lower Karazhan and Upper Karazhan mapping.


  • #1185 Fixed an issue having the server run out of memory periodically.

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