Release v4.6 (2022/04/03)

General changes:

  • #1024 Added affixes for the upcoming weeks.
  • #1014 Affixes on the affixes page with an orange background are unconfirmed - useful for when a new season comes out and we don't know the full rotation yet, but can guess.

Map changes:

  • #881 Enemies that are affected by an affix (Inspiring, Tormented, Encrypted etc.) are now marked on the map more clearly.
  • #1004 Pull connections now work properly if there's a floor in between pulls (Theater of Pain comes to mind).
  • #1029 Health of enemies now scale according to the selected minimum key level of the current route.


  • #1015 Updating your profile no longer redirects you to your tags page, but back to your profile instead.
  • #1021 Pull percentages are no longer hidden on certain maps unless you zoom out completely and zoom back in again (Mists for example).
  • #1018 Hitting the hotkey for drawing a line no longer causes multiple snackbars to appear.
  • #1019 (Hotfixed a while ago) Floor selection in embed page is now working again.
  • #1013 Cloning a route now also copies the thumbnails over of the cloned route, instead of showing 404s for the thumbnail images for the new route.
  • #1028 If a pull is skipped in a live session because it was marked as obsolete, pull connections no longer to to the top left corner for that pull, but skip the pull instead.
  • #1006 Map icons are now translatable as well.
  • #1030 Health values for various enemies (mostly in Tazavesh) have been corrected according to the most recent hotfixes.
  • #1043 If you uploaded a square image it will now be rounded off properly in the map header (thanks Forced).

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