Release v3.17 (2021/01/10)

General changes:

  • #595 Route thumbnails now generate a cropped image which fully views your route instead of the entire dungeon.

Route changes:

  • #591 BFA's demo routes have been retired and new Shadowlands routes have been added, courtesy Petko .

Map changes:

  • #589 The "Create new pull" button will now stick to the top as you scroll through pulls.
  • #590 In the pulls sidebar, a new settings button was added. Under these settings, you can now opt to delete all the current pulls in your route.
  • #519 You can now toggle route number style between percentage or raw enemy forces.
  • #603 Added new map icons for Covenants and new portal icons for Theater of Pain. Thank you Jastola!

Mapping changes:

  • The Necrotic Wake: Added a missing Discarded Shield before the second boss - just as you crossed the bridge on the right.


  • #598 Saving a route's settings no longer causes all enemies from other floors to appear on the map.
  • #600 Interacting with an empty pull (moving, deleting) will no longer clear your entire route of enemies. Hotfixed this morning. Thanks to T. Simmons and Primar for helping me debug this issue.
  • #582 Right clicking an enemy once again allows you to assign raid markers.
  • #599 Creating new pulls in very rapid succession (using shift + click) no longer creates pulls with duplicate index numbers.

MDT importer changes:

  • #593 The MDT importer no longer shows the Faction field if it was not relevant for the route.
  • #596 Affixes now import correctly.
  • #597 When an unknown enemy was encountered, parsing of the pull will now continue instead of discarding the entire pull.

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