Release v3.14 (2021/01/01)

Happy new year! Stay safe and play World of Warcraft!

Map changes:

  • #525 Awakened, Prideful and Inspiring enemies are now more visible on the map and/or the pull sidebar on the right.
  • #531 You can now hold the shift-button while clicking on an enemy to force create a new pull when you have another pull selected. This should speed up the creation of routes significantly.

Mapping changes:

  • All bosses are now marked as Dangerous.
  • De Other Side: Added an Inspiring enemy in the first pack of the dungeon.
  • Spires of Ascension: Three enemies were inside the contours of a pack, but were not actually assigned to the pack. This has been corrected.


  • #554 Switching floors when your route key starts with a number (such as '3DfzdfTd'), switching floors will no longer change your URL to an invalid one which will return a 404 when you hit refresh.
  • #555 Accessing a Spires of Ascension route now opens the map on the first floor, instead of the second.
  • #557 Registering through an OAuth provider (, Google, Discord) no longer leaves your Synchronized Route Color blank - causing some minor script errors along the way.
  • #559 Moving a Prideful enemy outside of the contours of the pull it's in will now update the contours to include it once again.

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