Release v3.1 (2020/07/01)

General changes:

  • #361 Some administrative tools related to Patreon have been added.

Map changes:

  • #318 You can now re-order your pulls by simply dragging a pull around in the sidebar.
  • #297 Improved the speed and responsiveness at which the 'Apply to pulls' gradient works.
  • #314 Patrons can now create animated lines.
  • #259 Added a bunch more icons to select for a map icon.


  • #356 Trying a route while not logged no longer leads to 403 Unauthorized.
  • #363 Trying a route while logged in no longer leads to 403 Unauthorized.
  • #357 Deploying a new release would break Awakened obelisk gateway links; code was reworked and this was prevented.
  • #364 Deleting a pull while actively adding enemies to it will no longer cause a broken map state, requiring a full refresh to fix.
  • #365 De-selecting a pull when you have no editable objects will no longer enable the edit/delete buttons.
  • #355 Various properties were not cloned properly when cloning a route (such as Teeming flag).

MDT importer changes:

  • #367 Method Dungeon Tools references have been replaced with Mythic Dungeon Tools.

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