Release v3.0.9 (2020/06/20)

General changes:

  • #350 When editing a 'try' route, you're redirected to the route edit page ( You can as such refresh the page as you like. You (or anyone with the link) can claim the route and save it to their profile.
  • #328 'Published' is no longer a separate column in route tables. It has been replaced by an icon in the title.

Map changes:

  • #352 Clicking on an Awakened Obelisk will allow you to easily place a gateway (and line between them).
  • #305 Lots of internal changes to the structure behind the mapping, allowing me to more rapidly develop new features.

Mapping changes:

  • #325 Corrected Tol Dagor/Shrine of the Storm Awakened enemies enemy forces on Teeming weeks. Fixed various other enemy forces calculations.

Team changes:

  • #327 Admins may now leave their teams.

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