Release v2.8 (2020/03/16)

Map changes:

  • #246 Up/down/left/right directions for floor switching is now included on the icon.
  • #247 Tol Dagor now has its locked doors added.
  • #255 You may now place icons on the map and add an optional comment. This new system is now in use for various other parts of the website. This also means I have more ability to add random stuff everywhere. The bots in Mechagon: Junkyard now use this system for example. I've added some icons for known skips, and you can now place things like warlock portals to help you further detail your route.
  • #47 Graveyard markers are now added (see #255).
  • #257 Raid marker selection now stays open properly.

Mapping changes:

  • #249 All traces of Beguiling enemies have been removed. All new Awakened enemies have been added to all dungeons.
  • #251 Added Mechagon: Junkyard.

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