Release v2.6 (2019/07/13)

General changes:

  • #129 Route overview tables now display current/max enemy forces.
  • #138 Reworked the changelog. It's now paginated and each release has their own page. Also, once a new release has been pushed, the top header will display a NEW tag until you've viewed the changelog.
  • #186 Fixed Season 3 affixes being incorrect. They still are, but at least this week is fine now. See the warning in the /affixes page.
  • #130 Registering now gives the option to select your region, so that specific features work accurately.

Map changes:

  • #184 Added Beguiling support. Beguiling is handled by 'presets', if it works the same as Infested, there will be 3 different 'presets' of Beguiling enemies. The first preset is this week, the second preset next week etc. After the third preset we should be back at the first preset again. The first preset has been added to all dungeons.
  • #102 Hotkeys added to route creation tools.
  • #200 You can no longer (attempt to) assign a raid marker to enemies in view mode.

Team changes:

  • #197 Teams now use their names in the URL rather than their internal ID.
  • #198 Team invite links may now be refreshed should the existing link be compromised.

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