Mapping progress

Enemy forces mapping progress

Enemy forces 16/16 100%
NPCs assigned 147/147 100%
Enemy forces 30/30 100%
NPCs assigned 285/285 100%
Kings' Rest
Enemy forces 25/25 100%
NPCs assigned 106/106 100%
Shrine of the Storm
Enemy forces 21/21 100%
NPCs assigned 295/295 100%
Siege of Boralus
Enemy forces 38/38 100%
NPCs assigned 316/316 100%
Temple of Sethraliss
Enemy forces 23/23 100%
NPCs assigned 123/123 100%
Enemy forces 36/36 100%
NPCs assigned 418/418 100%
The Underrot
Enemy forces 15/15 100%
NPCs assigned 153/153 100%
Tol Dagor
Enemy forces 20/20 100%
NPCs assigned 211/211 100%
Waycrest Manor
Enemy forces 28/28 100%
NPCs assigned 212/212 100%

Enemies whose enemy forces have not been mapped are colored pink on the map. Do you know how many enemy forces these enemies give? Please contact me!

Known mapping errors


  • Some enemies with patrols are only there on Teeming week. At the moment it's not possible to mark a patrol as Teeming only, a solution will be brought for this at a later stage.

Waycrest Manor

  • On Teeming weeks, Infected Peasants spawn 3 Devouring Maggots instead of 2. This leads to incorrect mob counts as Devouring Maggots give 1 enemy force each, the spawned ones too. At the moment there's no technical solution for this, I'll have to make something for this. Infected Peasants currently give 6 enemy forces (4 from the initial kill, 2 are implied with Devouring Maggot kills that spawn from them). Compensate for 1 more Maggot per Peasant kill.
Also see our Github issue for more mapping issues.

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